How can I tell the wind from breath

Galleria Heino 2.1.-30.1.2022

Kristiina Uusitalo gives us fractions of moments that escalate into beings. Somewhere a lived past turns into an inviting actuality. Uusitalo suggests these actualities form themselves over and over again. Thus they always appear anew.

Uusitalo seems to be definite with the significance of light. For her, the light is a revealer. The light reveals the instances, the short seconds, where we are already about to lose it. The instances where the light is still present but has already slipped out of our reach. This moment for Uusitalo is a simile for awareness, comprehension and perception. It is as if she asks us to look closer. More precise. And by so doing to know that we are about to fail this moment, this possibility, of light and what it can entail.

It is appealing to understand these portrayals of light as metaphors of our current state of life and living. However, Uusitalo does not imply that we are losing the battle we set ourselves to overcome. Just the contrary. Light equals hope. A future that is still possible. It is thus these moments Uusitalo stages in front of us to encounter and to consider, reminding us that these moments are something we have experienced in an abstract past.

Uusitalo composes her striking and timely depictions from actual moments, experiences and hope. Compositions do have a point of origin, a symbiosis of time and place, but they grow and become layered in their being. And eventually, as noted, they form themselves in front of us at each encounter, over and over again.

With this entity of works Uusitalo asks How can I tell wind from breath, waves from thoughts, an idea from a gust of wind. For her, we are nature. We are the wind. I breathe and the wind breathes in me. My thinking forms the waves in an ocean. It is in this unity revelations arise.

Aura Seikkula

Galleria Heino
Erottajankatu 9 (sisäpiha / courtyard)