Impressions – from Jenny ja Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection

Impressions have been collected from the collection of the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Korundi. Artworks from the opening exhibition of Korundi in honor of the anniversary year have been selected for the exhibition. In addition, the latest acquisitions of the Wihuri Foundation are on display.

What things leave an impression? The imprint may appear in a concrete way or it may be a memory imprint in the human mind. The works in the exhibition depict various impressions of man, emotions and nature. The message of a work of art leaves an impression and evokes a feeling previously experienced in the viewer. Impressions – the exhibition wants to arouse to notice even the smallest impressions that are encountered in everyday life.

The human gaze leaves an impression – this is well reflected in Marja Pirilä’s artwork I Am. In the photo series, Pirilä has photographed children in one school class on the eve of adolescence. Young people look at the camera thoughtfully and as themselves. The pictures tell of the growth pains of youth and the seriousness of life. The work reminds you how important it is to be yourself in the changing moments of life.

Sometimes the impression is paint on the table or raindrops on the asphalt. Liisa Karintaus’ Soldier consists of small spots of paint that draw a hazy figure in the air. The drops falling from Anu Tuominen’s Raincoat have seemed to stop for a moment.

Jukka Mäkelä’s Landscape and Maija Närhinen’s Landscape Image are both views built on everyday materials. At first glance, the artworks, which open up as colors and landscapes, take the viewer to their own memories, which are often linked to the material goods around us.

Impressions also appear as lights and shadows. Kirsi Kaulanen’s beautiful light artwork Our Most Beautiful Endangered Plants reflect the impressions of nature on a dark wall. The patterns in Lotta Hänninen’s Cc artwork change under the influence of light.

Arttu Nieminen’s impressive video Awareness absorbs the viewer to reflect on the deepest essence of nature and its importance in the universe. The video also takes your thoughts to infinity and the continuity of life, the viewing experience is incredible.

The collection of Finnish contemporary art donated by the Wihuri Foundation includes more than 3,400 artworks. The collection, to which the Rovaniemi Art Museum is its home, covers a significant collection of the most impressive Finnish contemporary art.